miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014

"I love casualties, my plan for this photo shoot was "planned" in a beach I knew for a long time, but I didn’t come there for too long, all I remembered about was that there were a lot of rocks, I totally forgot how to arrive, but none of us care about, so we started walking through the shore hoping to find that imagined beach ,at the end, it wasn’t there, but we found another place, better than the other, it was amazing, A virgin beach full of huge rocks, natural pools, a beautiful light and too many possible stages. I was so happy, this are the casualties I love the most in photography, you never know what are you going to find if you venture a little". 
Un fragmento extraído de la pequeña biografía publicada, junto con esta sesión, en la revista Neoyorquina, SOLIS MAGAZINE (click aquí). De nuevo, pueden ver a la increíble Bego Martín por mi blog, exhibiendo su arte y belleza, con unas poses espectaculares que se fusionan con los escenarios a la perfección.
Espero que disfruten de lo que para mi es, una de mis mejores sesiones hasta el momento. 

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